We are most popular for our salty Potato chips which are really crips and crunchy.

Vision Statement

Made in India with care and hygiene, Bombay Hot pledges to create and sustain its position as the market leader in the Indian snacks foodmarket while expanding globally to achieve similar success abroad. We aim to build a brand recognised for not only high standards of qualitybut also high ethics, which is completely dedicated for cumulative growth and recognition around the world. 

Mission Statement

1.       Making continuous efforts to satisfy the taste buds of our customers in a healthy way.

2.     Building a network of service-oriented and equal distribution across geographies.

3.       Manufacture products which give a feeling of home-made products.

4.       Creating a structured and value-driven working environment for the team.

5.       Getting recognised for Indian ethnic snacks, which are made with utmost care, hygiene and latest technologies.

Organizational Values:

1.       Customer Focus: 

a.       To ensure customer satisfaction at all levels and provide best manufactured products to the customers.

b.       Focus on continuous learning and development through feedback received by the customers and analysis of competitors.

2.       Transparency: 

a.       To build trust for our customers through excellence, innovation and creating customer value.

b.       Practice transparency in business, transactions, policies and manufacturing practices.

3.       Excellence: 

a.       To constantly improve and have a quality-oriented approach to manufacture the best products for customers and growthprospective for the employee.

b.       Promote overall well-being and a state of contentment for all the employees which allows them to flourish.

4.       Commitment: 

a.       To never compromise with the quality and keep the health of the customers and employees first.

b.       Commit towards providing the best products for the customers and providing a safe, hygienic and motivating work environment.