We are most popular for our salty Potato chips which are really crips and crunchy.

In year 2003 aggregate desserts snacks arrangements made their start at lucknow under BOMBAY HOT brand name this is an organization of economode gathering, Mumbai at first we gazed with general market retail inside brief timeframe we got  over whelming reaction from our clients. Presently bargain in both general market retail and morden exchange. Our items are accessible at conveyance arrange. The organization has aspiring plans to catch showcase In different states also.We produce more than 50 assortments of namkeens. We are most well known for our salty Potato chips which are truly crips and crunchy. We fabricate all our namkeens as 100% mumbaiya recipes.We keep up the first kind of conventional   Indian snacks with essential concentrate on quality,hygiene and affordability.We utilize standard nature of crude materials in our products.we make our items in completely programmed machines and sterile conditions ideal from first stage to last phase of generation. Our foundation encourages sterile conditions and additionally very propelled machines and equipments.Out items are intended to be expended this is the reason their quality is of vital concern. To keep your TRUST alive we make our items with elevated expectation and sterile quality.They reach in the market with strict observation of our quality control condition. Our kin are our most prominent resource. Our prosperity is specifically identified with our workers consistent concentrate on development, advancement and inventiveness.

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